4 Preseason Games…..Worthless

NFL preseason games suck. They are a money grab for an already multi-billion dollar empire. I really don’t understand the point of having these teams play 4 practice games. What comes out of these games? First of all, more money for the already fat pockets of the owners and Mr. Goodell. Secondly, a chance for rookies to get a taste of the big leagues. Thirdly, and most importantly, and opportunity for guys to get injured!!!!

The NFL is a gladiator sport. These guys get beaten and battered on a weekly basis. All that’s missing is Russell Crowe and chariots with dagger rims (awesome, by the way). Oh and Tigers too. Siberian ones. I honestly don’t get the point of making these players go through 4 more games. I can almost hear the sound of knees exploding as we speak. Isn’t it enough that they play 16 during the season, and those that make the playoffs even more?

I can understand a couple of preseason contests, but 4 is too many. This is a ploy by the NFL to make more cash. If I didn’t know better, I would think Trump was behind this. Oh wait, Trump already tried and failed. Hopefully his steaks will work out. I’m pretty sure his presidential run won’t. How freaking greedy can you be? I’ve been to exactly one preseason game, and I will never ever go to another one. What’s the point? The tickets were cheap, but then my arms and legs were severed.

I paid $30 for parking. I paid $8 per beer (had 3) and $10 for a hot dog that I wouldn’t feed to coyote. I sat in my seats and listened to drunken losers extoll on how great the season was going to be after the team drove down and kicked a field goal on their first drive. It’s really a sociological experiment to hang around delusional football fans. I watched second and third team players do their best to try and be good. It was basically a dumpster fire mixed up with a train wreck.

The Texans will play their first preseason game Sunday night vs. the 49ers. I will watch, because I’m an NFL addict. That does not mean I endorse the senseless slaughter that is the preseason. The NFLPA needs to do some serious negotiating. Cut the preseason to 2 games at most. Stick it to the money grubbing owners. I’m pretty sure Jerry Jones doesn’t need any extra cash. All he needs is glory hole. Go get you some Jerra!

Header image based on NFL by Parker Anderson (CC BY-ND 2.0)

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  1. Mary Jo Newton says:

    I love the humor in this piece! Even watched the glory hole video:)

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