Denver Radio Yokels take Umbrage with Osweiler’s Absence

For some bizarre, sad reason, people in Denver are still talking about Brock Osweiler. Osweiler skipped the White House trip and the ring ceremony, so all of a sudden the sky is caving in around the Rocky Mountains. John Elway showed right away that his feelings were hurt when Brock left. He didn’t come right out and say it, but it’s not hard to read between the lines.

The Denver Osweiler talk was pathetic before, it’s now getting to the point of horribly pitiful. Case in point, these radio hosts are still talking about Brock in Denver. This is Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro of milehighsports.

After you get past the nonsensical drivel, then you get to hear the nonsensical drivel. Why are these fools still talking about Brock Osweiler? Why? He skipped the White House and he skipped the ring ceremony. Maybe it’s because he’s upset about how the Broncos treated him. And he certainly has the right to be. This is really such a non-issue for everyone but Denver people.

Shouldn’t these clowns be focusing on the current crisis that is Von Miller? Or perhaps the fact that you have a quarterback competition between Mark Sanchez, Trevor Siemian, and Paxton Lynch. Oh, and what about thug Talib who continues to prove he’s a complete moron. No other talking points in Denver I guess. They truly sound like a bunch of jilted lovers.

Back to Brock. He performed very well, and basically led Denver to the playoffs and home field advantage. He then had to stand on the sidelines and watch one of the worst quarterbacks in the league win the Super Bowl. Yes, Peyton was one of the worst. 9 touchdowns and 17 interceptions in 10 games. Manning was abysmal, very hard to watch. Yet he garnered all the headlines. Osweiler was the better quarterback on that team, yet he got no shine.

I don’t blame Osweiler for bolting, and I don’t blame him for not attending either ceremony. It was a personal choice, and he did what he wanted to do. Of course he is peeved at Elway. Brock not only suffered the humiliation of being benched for a geriatric patient, he then had to wait for him to decide on his retirement.

Everybody in the universe knew that Manning should retire, yet he dragged it out forever. Brock had to wait in the shadows while the “Sheriff” decided whether or not he was going to hang up his orthopedic cleats. Brock was pissed before, this just pissed him off more.

Osweiler has moved on. He’s practicing and leading his new team. He will be fine. The Texans will be fine. In fact, the Texans will be better than fine. They will go to Denver in week 7 and he will have an extra large chip on his shoulder. I can’t wait for Brock to have a big game, and then we can listen to Bronco nation whine about letting him get away.


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