Is Bill O’Brien on the Hot Seat?

Jason La Canfora of continues to spread doom and gloom in regards to the Houston Texans. Earlier this week, La Canfora published an article in which he put each starting NFL quarterback in a tier, according to their abilities as a signal caller. Brock Osweiler was placed in Tier 6: Good Luck with these guys. La Canfora had this to say about Houston’s qb:

It’s a huge gamble to pay him big bucks, and color me a skeptic at this point. I don’t see the upside in him some others apparently do. He’s a system guy to me who now must produce immediately based on the mega-contract he got from a team with expectations of a long playoff run.

Yesterday, La Canfora put up another post in which he categorized the job security of each NFL coach. He was characteristically down on the Texans again. This time his target was Bill O’Brien. La Canfora placed the Texans coach in the “Mercury” category, meaning his seat is extremely hot. Here’s what he said:

Bill O’Brien, Texans: A QB guy who has yet to find a passer he could stick with for any discernible period inherits the chore of getting this team back to the playoffs — and to make Brock Osweiler justify that $38M guaranteed the next two years. Osweiler’s contract will make or break O’Brien’s tenure, especially after a midseason tear and division title obscured how putrid the Texans were at times the first half of last season.

I think he is way off base with this assessment. First of all, O’Brien is in just the third year of a 5-year contract. He has gone 9-7 in both years, most recently winning the AFC South and earning a trip to the playoffs. This year, O’Brien will be working with a new quarterback and several new faces on offense. It just makes no sense that his job would be in jeopardy at this time.

Owner Bob McNair does not easily let go of coaches. O’Brien is just the third head coach in Houston’s 14 years of existence. Gary Kubiak stuck around for eight years despite finishing above .500 just three times. Bill O’Brien is definitely not on the hot seat. He will get a couple of more years, at least, to work with Osweiler. The only way he gets fired is if something disastrous happens like 1-15 or 0-16.

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Header image based on Coach Bill O’Brien by Karen (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

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