Osweiler negativity makes little sense

Brock Osweiler hasn’t played a game for the Houston Texans, yet he is already getting hated on by outsiders. Sam Monson of profootballfocus recently posted an article stating that the Osweiler signing was the worst move of the offseason. I also recently saw a post on Yardbarker  that listed Brock Osweiler as “fool’s gold”. It’s baffling to me.

The first thing mentioned when discussing Osweiler, is inevitably the 4-year ,$72 million contract given to him by the Texans. It’s easy to see those numbers and gasp, but if you actually know about the NFL quarterback market, it’s not that outrageous. First of all, Denver was willing to give him $15 million per year. Brock is getting $18 million a year from Houston. That’s just a $3 million difference, which is a drop in the bucket for these teams.

Secondly, Osweiler’s $18 million per, makes him just the 15th-highest paid quarterback in the NFL in average salary based on spotrac.com. That puts him behind Cousins, Tannehill, Kaepernick, and Cutler. He is guaranteed $36 million. If things don’t work out, Houston can move on, taking a cap hit of somewhere around $6 million. So, the overall contract number seems huge, but it’s really not, especially for a Houston team that had money to spend, and was desperate for a quarterback.

Rachel Wold of Yardbarker contends, “Considering Osweiler will be feeling the pressure while on a learning curve, he might not exactly reward with “elite” results worthy of his rich payback.” So, in her opinion, that makes Osweiler fool’s gold. In my opinion, this is a completely ridiculous statement.

To Rachel I would say, this is not an “elite” contract. This is a contract that matches the market for NFL starting quarterbacks. Whether or not you consider Osweiler a starting quarterback is another question. I will remind you though, that he’s 5-2 as a starter for the eventual Super Bowl champions. Houston does not expect Osweiler to be Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady. The money argument holds zero weight. Zero. The.Contract. Isn’t. That. Big. Of. A. Deal.

Contract aside, next argument is always the 7-game sample size. How could they give him all this money after he only started 7 games? Yes, he only started 7 games. And he was 5-2. So, if we’re going to put so much weight into this, then let’s project it forward.

If Brock wins 5 for every 2 he loses, then the Texans end up 11-5 or 10-6. The majority of Houston fans would be ecstatic with that. I know there are a ton of other factors, but these people want to place so much emphasis on that 7 game sample size. They also want to point to how good Denver’s defense was. Newsflash, Houston’s defense finished third overall last season. And they were on the field a lot, thanks to a very anemic Texans’ offense.

But the argument continues that Osweiler wasn’t very good in those 7 games. Well, he was good enough to win 5 of them. He beat previously undefeated New England. He was playing the most important position on the field, and helped Denver secure the number one seed and home field advantage. I would argue that, without Brock’s play, Denver wouldn’t have had home field during the playoffs, and thus wouldn’t have been anywhere near the Super Bowl.

Osweiler got benched because of turnovers against San Diego. Most of those turnovers weren’t his fault. As a matter of fact, most of his interceptions were not his fault. Just look at the tape. Oh, and let’s not forget that Denver’s offensive line was horrible in 2015.

As a matter of fact, they ranked 20th in the league, surrendering 39 sacks and 97 qb hits. So Osweiler didn’t exactly step into the most ideal situation, yet he still went 5-2. That’s just one more thing that we need to factor in, and it’s a huge factor. Another question has to be, just how many games has Brock actually played in the NFL?

He was drafted in 2012 and here are his stats since then, per espn.com:

2012: 5 games, 2-4 passing

2013: 4 games, 11-16 passing

2014: 4 games, 4-10, 1 td

2015: 8 games, 170-275, 1,967 yds., 10 tds., 6 ints.

So, criticizing the sample size really isn’t valid. Brock never had a chance before 2015. Why? Well, because Peyton Manning always refused to come out of the game, even if it were a blowout. Brock basically came in for handoff and kneel down duty. So he got all that practice, but he never really got the chance to be an NFL quarterback. When he did…..5-2.

Brock Osweiler appeared in 8 games last season, and started 7. One could argue that he was coming into a very difficult situation. Sure, he’d practiced and played in the preseason, but that’s really not enough to prepare you for a regular season playoff push. I would contend that Osweiler performed very well under the circumstances. He won 5 out of 7 games. What more could you expect from your backup quarterback who has seen almost no action?

Houston had to make this deal for several reasons. The Texans can no longer mess around with mediocrity. They were absolutely not going to trade away a ton of picks, aka Rams and Eagles, to move up into the top 5. The fans and the players are fed up with run of the mill quarterbacks. Houston is ready to win now. Osweiler gives them that chance, like it or not.

I have a major issue with Tim Lynch of “SB Nation Mile High Report” who recently comes out and says he would’ve been so upset if Denver would have been able to resign Osweiler.

Here are his words:

Be honest. How pissed would you have been had that been the Broncos’ offer in March to keep Osweiler on the team?

I would have been livid. Mark Sanchez is basically the same quarterback and a fraction of the cost. And now, Paxton Lynch offers a glimpse of potential that the Broncos may be able to develop into a far superior long-term quarterback option than Osweiler would ever have been.

C’mon man, that’s just stupid. Every Bronco fan, including you, wanted Osweiler. Elway wanted Osweiler. Kubiak wanted Osweiler. Hence the $15 million per year offer. How sour are the grapes in Denver? Is it because of that time you asked a girl out to prom, got rejected, then swore you didn’t want to go with her anyway?

The revisionist history is pretty amazing. I’m sure most Broncos fans wanted Osweiler back. However, when he left, then they all of sudden didn’t want him. And now the narrative is that they stole Paxton Lynch in the draft, and he is the next great thing. That’s laughable. If he were that great, he would’ve  been picked earlier. He’s just as much of a question mark as any other quarterback drafted.

And now for my final point. To Sam Monson of profootballfocus, who thinks the Osweiler signing was such a huge mistake. Sam, I’d like for you to go to NRG Stadium and make your way to the Texans locker room.

I’d like for you to personally address J.J. Watt, Vince Wilfork, Brian Cushing, Jonathan Joseph, Kareem Jackson, Deandre Hopkins, Whitney Mercilus, Jadeveon Clowney, and the rest of the squad. I’d like for you to tell them how the team would’ve been better off with a stop gap quarterback, followed by drafting a 2nd or 3rd tier guy.

If you make it out of NRG alive, which is doubtful, you can then hold a town hall meeting and address the fans. I wish you luck.

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